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  1. Imagine this beautiful spa teak shower stool in your shower or bath this fall! You can create your own in-home spa experience using one of our teak shower benches or stools, and a few accessories.

    Scents of coconut, vanilla, or cinnamon will waft you away to far-off lands where the sun is hot and sparkling crystal waves break in gentle coamers on soft yellow beaches. While tropical music and the sounds of waves and seabirds spill from your speakers, thick soft rugs and towels add layers of comfort and coziness. The joy of warm water, silky soap and foamy shampoo add further enjoyment to the spa experience.

    Our spa teak shower stool is just one of our many teak shower benches and stools that are perfect for creating an in-home spa experience. If you prefer a wider bench for greater stability and comfort, our 24 inch spa teak shower bench features the same sleek spa styling and beautiful wood. Both seats are on sale this week.
  2. Can you imagine yourself sitting on this beautiful corner teak shower bench, relaxing and enjoying the warmth and comfort of your own shower? Maybe there's music playing softly in the background, complementing the lovely sound of water falling from the shower head and pattering down all around you... and maybe you have a lovely scented candle burning or you've added essential oils to the shower that aid in relaxing and enjoying your experience?

    Close your eyes, and you could be in a spa in Bali, Indonesia, or somewhere beautiful in the Caribbean or Mediterranean!

    Teak is beautiful that way: it can help to transport you from a basic shower experience to a place full of color, scent, and beauty where all you have to do is relax and enjoy the experience!

    Our teak shower benches and stools at TeakShowerChairs.com are beautifully crafted to add to that enjoyment and relaxation. Whether you need a stool or bench with a compact footprint, such as our corner teak shower bench (as pictured at left), or a larger bench, such as our 24 inch spa teak shower bench, we're happy to serve!

    As an added bonus, our corner teak shower bench and the 24 inch spa teak shower bench are on sale this week, and we have plenty in stock!
  3. After the weekend's disappointing news, it's wonderful to be able to let our customers know that our best-selling corner teak shower bench is back in stock!

    To celebrate, we've put them on sale...

    This beautifully crafted corner teak shower bench combines spa styling with sturdiness and convenience to fit any bath or shower.

    Don't be fooled by this shower bench's small, sleek footprint; Teak is the wood of choice for creating wooden ship hulls and piers because teak wood is exceptionally strong and can hold a lot of weight. Teak's strength is due to the slow growth of the trees which create a very fine grain to the wood fibers, and to the naturally occurring resins that bind them together.

    Superior craftsmanship combined with great versatility would make this teak bench a beautiful and comfortable addition to any indoor or outdoor space. The shelf adds extra utility for storing bath products or any useful or beautiful objects of your choice.

    Buy this corner teak shower bench today, to accessorize and improve the function and comfort of your bathroom!

    Also on sale this week: matching 18-inch spa teak shower stool with shelf and 24-inch spa teak shower bench with shelf.

  4. Our cottage craftsmen are working hard...far harder than you might expect!

    They've recently had to clean up and make repairs to their facilities following a hurricane (or typhoon) and a volcanic eruption. Both of these events are pretty much business as usual in Indonesia, but the damage from both has impacted the regularly scheduled shipments of benches.

    As a result of these events, three of the new benches I've recently added to this site are now out of stock, and won't be back in stock until sometimes in October.

    There are only ten 30-inch spa teak shower benches with shelves left in stock. I've put them on sale along with a couple of our other teak shower benches and stools. Get them while they're still in stock!
  5. If you don't see something on our website that you'd like to order, we love it when you ask us if we can supply it!

    We have access to hundreds of products via our shippers. It can be difficult to know what is most interesting and desirable to our customers.

    When you ask for what you're looking for, and we can provide it, that has all the makings of a win-win situation!

    Last week, a customer asked if we could provide her with a longer bench for a larger shower. We could! Our shippers carry longer benches, ranging from 30 inches clear up to 5-7 feet in length!

    We're in the process of adding more benches to our website this week...

    The first bench we've added is this lovely 30-inch spa-style shower bench with shelf. Our 24 inch spa shower bench and our 18 inch spa shower stool are popular sellers. This bench shares the same sleek styling and durable qualities, but it's just a little longer.

    Click through to purchase our 30-inch spa teak shower bench with shelf

    Our new 36-inch spa teak shower bench with shelf also shares that beautiful spa styling and durability, and is long enough to easily seat two people. This beautiful teak bench would work well, not just in a larger shower or bathroom, but also in an entryway or mudroom as a great place to store a few shoes to slip on before going outside. It will also work well as extra seating in a sunroom, porch, or deck, or beside the pool.

    Where can you see this bench fitting in at your home?

    Click through to purchase our 36-inch spa teak shower bench with shelf.
  6. Happy Memorial Day!

    Today, we remember with gratitude the men and women who have served and died to defend our nation. We also remember their families; their loved ones who have also paid the price of doing without them for the months and years of their military service, and then lost them, and had to go on alone. 

    In honor of our nation's fallen heroes, here at TeakShowerChairs.com, we have lowered the price on three excellent teak pieces for bathroom or patio:
    Aquinah Teak Chair
    Our 48 inch round table; perfect for patio or sunroom; our Aquinah teak chair, which coordinates beautifully with this table; and our spa teak shower bench with shelf, which addresses the need for slip-proof, sturdy bath seating with stylish grace. 

    Each of these pieces is a fine example of excellent cottage craftsmanship from Jepara, Indonesia. When you order them, they will arrive at your door partially assembled, and coded for ease of further assembly.

    In addition to this special, shipping on all of our items is $35 off.*

    *When ordering the 48 inch table, shipping will be most cost effective if you order chairs with it. Spa Teak Shower Bench with shelf

  7. Spa Teak Shower Bench on Sale 3/28-3/29

    Teak Shower Chairs' End of March Sale continues with a generous mark-down, from $235.95 to $199.95 on Spa Teak Shower Benches with shelves. Sharing all of the advantages of the Spa Teak Shower Stool with bench, with the added advantage of a little more length; this spa teak shower bench is perfect for use indoors or outside, and durable enough to become a family heirloom; passed down from one generation to the next. Even when used in rugged outdoor situations, or in a wet bath, these lovely benches made from plantation teak should last up to seventy years if properly cared for!

    Check out our teak shower benches with shelves today!
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