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  1. Octagonal folding side table Spa owners would be wise to notice the value and sustainability of teak shower chairs, teak tables and various other teak accessories when preparing their massage studios for clients. Teak wood accessories speak of luxury and wealth, and who can resist the feel of natural, well-built quality furniture.

    Teak furniture is often built without the addition of metal. (Metal isn’t really a nice thing to use in furniture anyway, so it’s nice to know they left it out of my high-end teak furniture.) These highly sustainable, environmentally friendly teak furniture selections bring quality, luxury and a feeling of wealth to your spa or resort. You’ll want them in every room, readily accessible for clients to use, in any setting.

    Always ready to serve outdoors, these pieces have the unique ability to travel from space to space and serve all your spa or resort furniture needs. No matter what look you’d like to portray, the luxury of teak wood brings the ultimate decadent feel of pure pleasure to your professional world.

    It may be particularly beneficial to know that you can have multiple uses for many pieces of the teak furniture you purchase for your business. A shower bench might pass for a small end table or plant holder in your massage room. Or perhaps, you just need an extra place to stash your supplies while working with a client? Pull over the shower bench and use it as a work table.

    These easy to care for teak pieces offer a multitude of purposes, and they’re so easy to clean.

    Spa Teak Shower Bench with shelfSalt water and a quick rub down leave your teak pieces in optimal condition and help create the continued anti-fungal, anti-mildew, and anti-microbial properties of natural teak.

    Teak furniture is a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of luxury for your spa or resort. Order a good supply of multipurpose furniture today.

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  2. Chippendale Chair with Arms When you're thinking in terms of style in your home, does your furniture all have to match and be a certain style, or is your decorating more eclectic; more shabby chic?

    If there is a specific style of furniture you prefer, is it contemporary or classic? Do you prefer a more relaxed country look, or is your house more formal?

    One of the things I really like about teak furniture for bathrooms and patios is that it comes in designs that are easy to fit with your pre-existing furniture!

    Take this Chippendale chair, for instance! I've seen the design on the back of this chair also used to decorate deck and veranda railings in the south, but I could easily see a set of these chairs also fitting into a more contemporary setting. And the diagonals give this chair such a fun feel!

    Best of all, it's on sale all week long! Don't miss out--

    To buy a Teak Chippendale Chair with arms, click on the picture to visit the chair product page or click on the text link.

    Teak Chippendale Chair without armsI thought you might like to see the matching Teak Chippendale side chair (no arms). What a great deal! Even though it isn't on sale this week, this chair is definitely worth the money! 

    My shipper advises me that to get the best deal on shipping in addition to the $35 discount* I offer, it is best to buy your table and chairs all at once and have them shipped together.

    Isn't that a lovely chair?

    Round Teak Coffee Table  Here is another of our weekly deals!

    This round teak coffee table has four widely spaced legs for extra stability. Perfect for indoors or out on the deck, this beauty doesn't need stain or polish to be gorgeous!

    Wipe with a damp cloth on a regular basis, and scrub with mixture of salt and water once every six months. How much more low maintenance can you get?

    To buy this table, click on the picture to visit the product page or on the text link.

    Our final weekly deal is a beautiful classic.

    Asian Style Teak Shower StoolThere are many beautiful teak shower stools out there, but I believe that our Asian-style teak shower stool is one of the best.

    Can't you just see this stool as part of your bathroom or patio decor, or perhaps providing a peaceful seat in the serenity of your garden?

    I can! 

    To buy this Asian-style Teak Shower Stool, please click through on one of the links.

    *I'm still having difficulties with my hosting service not replacing the vanished $35 off shipping rule. Because of this, I have committed to go into billing and reset the amount charged for every sale to reflect the $35 shipping discount. I do not see your credit card information when I do this. Your data remains secure. All that will change is the charge that will eventually be processed through on your credit card will reflect up to $35 less shipping per item ordered. 

    Thanks for shopping at TeakShowerChairs.com, and have a beautiful day!

  3. I wanted to share with you a video I found of all of the beautiful wood carvings and teak furniture created in Jepara, Indonesia:


    If you could have just one of these carvings or pieces of furniture shown, which one would you pick? 

    To own your very own piece of beautiful Asian decor, buy our Asian-style teak shower stools.

  4. Marked down to $209.95 from $249.95, this beautiful Asian-style Teak Shower Stool is on sale from 4/17/2012 through 4/19/2012.

    This lovely teak shower stool has the uncluttered lines so prized in Japanese-influenced furniture, and would be a great addition to just about any room in the home or for use outdoors in the garden, by the pool, or on the patio or deck.

    Get yours now from Teak Shower Chairs.com before the sale ends!
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