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  1. Chippendale Chair with Arms When you're thinking in terms of style in your home, does your furniture all have to match and be a certain style, or is your decorating more eclectic; more shabby chic?

    If there is a specific style of furniture you prefer, is it contemporary or classic? Do you prefer a more relaxed country look, or is your house more formal?

    One of the things I really like about teak furniture for bathrooms and patios is that it comes in designs that are easy to fit with your pre-existing furniture!

    Take this Chippendale chair, for instance! I've seen the design on the back of this chair also used to decorate deck and veranda railings in the south, but I could easily see a set of these chairs also fitting into a more contemporary setting. And the diagonals give this chair such a fun feel!

    Best of all, it's on sale all week long! Don't miss out--

    To buy a Teak Chippendale Chair with arms, click on the picture to visit the chair product page or click on the text link.

    Teak Chippendale Chair without armsI thought you might like to see the matching Teak Chippendale side chair (no arms). What a great deal! Even though it isn't on sale this week, this chair is definitely worth the money! 

    My shipper advises me that to get the best deal on shipping in addition to the $35 discount* I offer, it is best to buy your table and chairs all at once and have them shipped together.

    Isn't that a lovely chair?

    Round Teak Coffee Table  Here is another of our weekly deals!

    This round teak coffee table has four widely spaced legs for extra stability. Perfect for indoors or out on the deck, this beauty doesn't need stain or polish to be gorgeous!

    Wipe with a damp cloth on a regular basis, and scrub with mixture of salt and water once every six months. How much more low maintenance can you get?

    To buy this table, click on the picture to visit the product page or on the text link.

    Our final weekly deal is a beautiful classic.

    Asian Style Teak Shower StoolThere are many beautiful teak shower stools out there, but I believe that our Asian-style teak shower stool is one of the best.

    Can't you just see this stool as part of your bathroom or patio decor, or perhaps providing a peaceful seat in the serenity of your garden?

    I can! 

    To buy this Asian-style Teak Shower Stool, please click through on one of the links.

    *I'm still having difficulties with my hosting service not replacing the vanished $35 off shipping rule. Because of this, I have committed to go into billing and reset the amount charged for every sale to reflect the $35 shipping discount. I do not see your credit card information when I do this. Your data remains secure. All that will change is the charge that will eventually be processed through on your credit card will reflect up to $35 less shipping per item ordered. 

    Thanks for shopping at TeakShowerChairs.com, and have a beautiful day!

  2. Waterlilies Painting: for products featuring this painting, click on this imageI don't know about you, but here in Lincoln, Nebraska, we've had an incredibly soggy week! Two weeks ago, we were short 2 inches of moisture for the month of May. As of yesterday, we not only have made up that shortfall, we've been blessed with yet another 4 full inches of rain! We have also been spared large, damaging hail and tornadoes, although at times we've been led to believe the danger was very real.

    To paraphrase Scripture, "Our cup runs over!" We are grateful for the moisture most especially because last year we had such a bad drought. It is my understanding that most of the rest of Nebraska is still needing more moisture.  

    Others we know haven't been quite so fortunate. They are in our thoughts and prayers as we seek ways to contribute to helping them recover.

    Meanwhile, we celebrate the arrival of fairer weather, and expect it to get hot!

    To celebrate the blessing of rain and having been spared major storm damage, we have placed three more pieces of teak on sale* this week:

    Prices good June 1st through midnight, CST on June 7th
    Boston oval chair, no arms

    Octagonal occasional or sofa table

    Grate teak shower stool with shelf  

    Our Teak Boston style chairs are part of one of our new lines of teak furniture from Regal Teak! They also come with arms. For more information about these beautiful chairs, please visit our Teak Patio Furniture page.

    *Sale price listed is in addition to our everyday special of up to $35 off shipping & handling. This discount makes shipping for most of our products free or very lower cost to much of the U.S. and eastern Canada. Canadians must pay duties on all imports. Please contact Customs to determine the duties that will be charged per item.

    Each of our lovely pieces of teak is crafted by master craftsmen in the cottage industry in Jepara, Indonesia from plantation-grown wood.
  3. Teak Shower Chairs' Memorial Day specials will expire at midnight on Friday, May 31, 2013. Last chance to buy these excellent pieces of teak at these great prices!

  4. Happy Memorial Day!

    Today, we remember with gratitude the men and women who have served and died to defend our nation. We also remember their families; their loved ones who have also paid the price of doing without them for the months and years of their military service, and then lost them, and had to go on alone. 

    In honor of our nation's fallen heroes, here at TeakShowerChairs.com, we have lowered the price on three excellent teak pieces for bathroom or patio:
    Aquinah Teak Chair
    Our 48 inch round table; perfect for patio or sunroom; our Aquinah teak chair, which coordinates beautifully with this table; and our spa teak shower bench with shelf, which addresses the need for slip-proof, sturdy bath seating with stylish grace. 

    Each of these pieces is a fine example of excellent cottage craftsmanship from Jepara, Indonesia. When you order them, they will arrive at your door partially assembled, and coded for ease of further assembly.

    In addition to this special, shipping on all of our items is $35 off.*

    *When ordering the 48 inch table, shipping will be most cost effective if you order chairs with it. Spa Teak Shower Bench with shelf

  5. Teak Shower Chairs App Icon
    Announcing Teak Shower Chairs' Easter App Hunt!

    Here's how our Easter App Hunt works:

    If you have a smartphone, and can view our app (it looks just like that little green square above this post), use our contact form to leave your information including the type of smartphone you were able to see the app on,

    And get a coupon for $20 off ANY teak shower bench or stool!

    The information we will need from you:
    1. Your name
    2. A valid email address (so we can send you your coupons)
    3. Type of smartphone/OS
    4. Where you see the app (apps library or search engine)
    5. Who referred you
    Increase your coupon by up to $10!
    • Share the app with your friends
    • For every friend who also emails and mentions that they were referred by you, we will add one dollar more off of your coupon, up to $10 off!
    Add another $5 off:
    The first person to contact us from each major brand of smartphone will get an additional $5 off! 
    • iPhone
    • Samsung
    • Android
    • Blackberry
    • Motorola
    • Nokia
    • Dell
    • Other
    Thank you for participating, and have a very Happy Easter!
  6. Fifteen percent off Grate Teak Shower Stool with shelves
    Teak Shower Chairs's Grate Teak Shower Stool has a lot going for it! Not only does it have that nifty waffle-grate look going for it, but it's got a small footprint and it's very durable and sturdy. 

    And, just because it's the end of March, our Grate Teak Shower Stool is now on sale for $149.95!

    Grab yours today!
    In other news: because we want to continue to keep being able to offer free shipping and free returns in spite of the rising gas prices, next week the regular pricing on all Teak Shower Chairs benches and stools will be going up a little. If there's stool or bench you've been eyeing, and you want it at the current pricing, I'd recommend buying it before April 3rd.

    Thank you.
  7. Welcome to Teak Shower Chairs! 15% off Spa Teak Shower Stool with bench

    Surely you've heard the saying about March, "In like a lion; out like a lamb?" Our March has been unseasonably mild compared to the last three or four Marches before it! Already the temperatures are warm, the earliest spring blossoms have bloomed out, and shriveled up, and the flowers and trees that bloom a little later have budded out, and are going into full bloom.

    Maybe by now, you're beginning to believe, like I am, that spring is really here, and it's time to get out in the yard or the garden, get your hands dirty, and have fun! And maybe there's that little corner of your patio or yard, where it would be really convenient to have a stool or bench to sit on; some place where you can plop yourself down for a moment's rest without the bother of carting a camp chair around-- and you want a highly durable, sturdy, yet lovely piece of furniture that will give you that option for years to come!

    May I respectfully recommend my teak shower stools and benches? Each one is lovingly crafted so that all of the pieces fit together perfectly; and they're very sturdy and highly durable: nothing is more durable than teak! No wind is going to knock one of these stools or benches over like a flimsy piece of lawn furniture either, nor will you be having to retrieve your bench or stool after it goes sailing over the neighbor's fence! All of our teak shower stools and benches are solidly built!

    To give you an added incentive, today's sale is our most popular sales item; our Spa Teak Shower Stool. Marked down fifteen percent, this lovely little stool has the added bonus of a shelf; the perfect place to tuck a pair of gardening gloves and a watertight case with pruners, trowels and shears, to keep them handy for garden work! Tuck a bottle of water or the beverage of your choice in too, to keep it cool in the shade while you work!

    After a while, you'll wonder how you ever did without this little gem of a stool.

  8. We're having a sale beginning noon, Tuesday, March 6, 2012 to Thursday, March 8, at 10 A.M. on spa teak shower benches. These gorgeous, golden brown teak benches are sleek and sophisticated in appearance while being very practical for all types of weather or decor!

    This spa teak shower bench with handy shelf is on sale for just $199.95!

    Buy yours today!

    --Thank you for shopping at TeakShowerChairs.com! We hope you'll love your new bench!
  9. Mobile App Landing Page
    The Check Out Our App! Contest is still ongoing! Please see the previous post for more details if you own a smartphone and would like to get a really good deal on a teak shower stool or bench from our site!

    If you are concerned that the information we've asked for will be used to spam you, and have been hesitant to participate, please allow me to reassure you!

    1) At Teak Shower Chairs, we're not at all interested in spamming other people, and take care not to do so. We don't like getting spammed either!
    2) The email address I've asked for is so that we can send you the coupons for money off, not so that we can add you to our frequent mailing list.
    3) If you would like to subscribe to news and updates from our store, add, "Subscribe" to the list of information we've asked for, and we will be happy to add you to our mailing list. Otherwise, we won't. It's that simple!

    We do understand how annoying the endless marketing emails can become.

    For those who don't own smartphones, here are a few specials we're running this week:

    Our Grate Teak Shower Stool With Shelf is on sale this week for $149.95.
    Grate Teak Shower Stool

    Our Middy Level Teak Gift Certificate is also on sale for $179.95.

    While neither of these offers can be combined with the promotional coupons, they are both very generous!
    We hope you'll take the opportunity to avail yourselves of them!

  10. Check out our new App on your Smartphone!

    The icon looks like this:

    If you have a smartphone, and can see the app, use the contact form to leave your information, including the type of smartphone you were able to see the app on,

    And get a coupon for $15 off ANY teak shower bench or stool!

    The information I will need from you:
    1. Your name
    2. A valid email address
    3. Type of smartphone/OS
    4. Where you see the app (apps library or search engine)
    5. Who referred you
    Increase your coupon by up to $10!
    • Share the app with your friends
    • For every friend who also emails and mentions that they were referred by you, I will add one dollar more off!
    Add another $5 off:
    The first person to contact me from each major brand of smartphone will get an additional $5 off! 
    • iPhone
    • Samsung
    • Android
    • Blackberry
    • Motorola
    • Nokia
    • Dell
    • Other
    Thank you for participating, and have a great week!
  11. Bosun's Level Shamrock Gift Certificate on sale for 149.95 through 10:00 a.m., 02/27/2012

    Here's an excerpt from our newly revamped Gift Certificates page:

    Top 'o the morning to ya! We're so glad you dropped by to visit Teak Shower Chairs! We're all about being Irish here! After all, haven't Irish sailors around the world had every reason to bless the teak decks they are standing on for sturdiness and durability?

    Now, I know you're probably not shopping for gifts to give just for St. Patrick's Day, but if you should happen to know someone who is in the market for a teak shower stool or bench this month and would like to give them a very special gift, here are some beautifully designed gift certificates in green featuring shamrocks and our lovely teak benches and stools!

    Every thrifty Irishman knows good quality when he sees it; and our merchandise is tops!  A Teak Shower Chairs Gift Certificate doesn't just buy a beautiful work of art, but also a very useful and durable teak shower stool or bench that will give a lifetime's worth of graceful service to your friend or loved one!

    Now; to show our appreciation for your interest in our products, this weekend we're putting our Bosun's Shamrock Gift Certificate on sale! Marked down to $149.95 from 184.95, this price is a real deal! Sale price will be valid as of now until 10:00 a.m., February 27, 2012.

    Also on sale from 02/23/2012 through midnight 02/25/2012: Grate Teak Shower Stool with Shelf.
  12. Asian-Style Teak Shower Stool
    Introducing Midweek Sales!

    Asian-Style Teak Shower Stool has been marked down 10% from our regular price. Sale price is good 2/22-2/23/2012.

    This sale at TeakShowerChairs.com won't last long! Get your Asian-style Teak Shower Stool today!
  13. Young Teak Sapling; By Biswarup Ganguly (Own work) [<a  data-cke-saved-href=

    It takes a long time for a teak tree to grow from a seed to a sizable tree. Most plantations will not harvest their teak trees until they reach approximately twenty-five years or a specified girth. It is important for a teak tree to mature sufficiently to create an adequate density and hardness in the wood.

    In the wild, a teak tree might continue growing until it is fifty or one hundred years old or more--or it might be cut down tomorrow by an illegal logging operation, as is all too common any more.

    The only wild, old-growth stands of Tectona Grandis, or Burmese teak, remainin are in Thailand and Burma (now called Myanmar). Thailand has vigorously protected their few remaining stands in recent years so that they wouldn't lose them altogether. In spite of implemented efforts at conservation in Myanmar, illegal logging is a continuing threat to those old growth teak trees that remain. In addition, the military junta ruling Myanmar also permits more logging every year as it puts money into their coffers. Neither the junta nor the illegal loggers care that their logging operations are displacing the local people who depend on the forest for their livelihood, and in fact, there is a history of abuse of those who depend on the forest.

    Nonetheless, the number of wild teak trees harvested from Myanmar contributes a small percentage of the total world-wide harvest of teak each year. Most teak is now plantation-grown.
    Young Teak Trees, By Biswarup Ganguly (Own work) [<a  data-cke-saved-href=
    The advantages to plantation-grown teak are several, and I believe, outweigh any perceived advantage of buying wild-grown teak:

    Plantation-grown teak at twenty-five years:
    • is of a sufficient density and hardness to last seventy years or more, even under the most rugged conditions.
    • is unlikely to be illegally harvested or to lead to the erosion of soils and devastation of the rainforest.
    • plays a vital role in the support of families of skilled craftsmen in the cottage industy, who are highly motivated to protect their source of teak from illegal harvesting.
    Instead of destroying the environment and leading to the persecution and terrorizing of local peoples, plantation teak is eco-friendly, and provides a decent living wage for the craftsmen who buy it.

    Teak Shower Chairs is committed to only selling teak shower furniture made from teak wood that can be documented as originating from the teak plantations in Jepara, Indonesia.


    http://www.illegal-logging.info/approach.php?a_id=80: A logging ban in Thailand has also resulted in Thai loggers crossing ... However, it is it has been claimed that teak products from Myanmar are ...

    http://www1.american.edu/ted/TEAK.HTM: The Thai government contends that in late 1987 and 1988 Burmese teak harvesters reached into Thai territory where export is now banned. As demonstrated ...

    http://www.foeeurope.org/activities/forests/Milieudefensie%2008-20-1736%20Rapport%20Birma%20M%20lowres.pdf: Sanctioned but Not Stopped: Effects of the European timber ban in Burma. 2.1 Timber ... stopped all trade inBurmese teak when the. European ... including Burmese teak processed or traded ...

  14.  It's almost Valentine's Day, and there are only a few more hours left to find the perfect present for your special someone!

    May I take this moment to once again encourage you to check out Teak Shower Chairs' sturdy teak shower benches and stools?

    Our special which will be running through Valentine's Day, is 15% off the Corner Teak Shower Bench with Shelf, and also 15% off a Bosun-Level Valentines Gift Certificate, which your special someone may redeem to buy either a spa teak shower stool or a grate teak shower stool.

    Below are pictures of the items listed for sale. Don't wait! This sale closes at midnight, February 14th!

    Thank you for shopping Teak Shower Chairs, and we hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  15. Spa Teak Shower Stool With Shelf

    One of our best sellers at Teak Shower Chairs dot com, this gorgeous spa teak shower stool with shelf takes up very little shower space while providing a sturdy, slip-proof seat. The extra storage space for toiletries is a bonus!

    This lovely teak shower stool can now be yours for just $149.95! Buy it today!

  16. Asian Style Teak Shower Stool

    TODAY'S DAILY DEAL at TeakShowerChairs.com:

    As part of our run-up to Valentine's Day, our Asian-style teak shower stool has been marked down from $235.95 to $199.95 just for today!

    For the next three days, Captain's Level Valentines Gift Certificates will also be on sale for $199.95 (also marked down from $235.95). 

    Shop for our Asian-style teak shower stools and Captain's Level Valentines Gift Certificates now!

    Sample Captain's Level Valentines Gift Certificate

  17. Sample Captain's Level Certificate

    In keeping with the spirit of Valentines and true love; Teak Shower Chairs is happy to announce a new color scheme and design for our Gift Certificates in red and white, complete with hearts.

    We still have the Bosun's, Middy, and Captain's Level Gift Certificates, and now we have also added Gift Certificates in denominations of $50, $100, $150, and $200.

    The difference between these two sets of Gift Certificates is not just in the amounts they may be purchased for, but also in the intent of the purchaser.

    For instance; supposing you want to purchase a special gift for a loved one, but you want to allow them some choice as to the exact item without embarrassing them over the cost. The Bosun's, Middy, and Captain's Level Valentine's Gift Certificates are for you! Each of these certificates are beautifully designed, and carefully written to avoid sharing the actual cost of the item. The value for the certificate stays the same, whether it was purchased on sale or for full price, and each certificate grants a choice of equally valued teak shower products, except for the Middy's Valentines Certificate, which only covers the corner teak shower bench with shelf.

    But say you're not interested in covering the exact price of a teak shower stool or bench, but would like to contribute toward your friend or loved one's purchase? Then choosing between the other four gift certificates will suit you better. This avenue allows more freedom of choice to the receiver of the gift, but does nothing to conceal the price. Although these gift certificates can not be purchased at a discount, they may be turned in for a refund by either the purchaser or the receiver of the gift within thirty days of purchase.

    For more information and a list of choices, please visit our Gift Certificates.

    Sample $50 Valentine's Gift Certificate

  18. Good news! Teak Shower Chairs is now offering three levels of gift certificates, and they're all on sale through Christmas Eve!

    Our gift certificates have been named in honor of teak's long connection with sailing; 

    1. Bosun Level: Our gift certificate that will cover the cost of either our spa teak shower stool or our grate teak shower stool;
    2. Middy Level: covers the cost of our corner teak shower benches;
    3. Captain's Level: covers the cost our teak shower benches and Asian-style Teak shower stool.

    Teak Shower Chair Gift Certificates will be redeemable regardless of the future cost of the shower stools and benches in our store. How this works: if you buy a gift certificate on sale during the month of December, even when the products go off sale, we will still accept the gift certificates as covering the cost of those items as if they were still on sale.

    Also, to celebrate the joys of this season, all of our products are on sale from now through Christmas Eve.

  19. Octagonal Teak Side Table

    Unlike softer northern woods, teak is a hardwood native to regions with high rainfall in tropical Asia and Southeast Asia. Teak actually weathers best in wet or humid conditions. The dense fine grain of the wood prevents warping or bubbling, and gently wears in to create a non-slip surface. With time and frequent use, the wood will age to a beautiful silvery gray.

    Taking environmentally friendly care of your teak shower chair is easy! 

    • Using salt water, gently scrub your teak shower chair every three to six months and allow it to dry before using it again. The grain of the wood will absorb the salt water, which helps to retain moisture so no shrinkage or cracks develop.
    • Use your teak chair as often as possible in damp or humid environments. Unlike other wood, under wet conditions teak wood's dense fine grain doesn’t warp or bubble. Frequent wetting in the shower or by rain also helps prevent cracking.

       There are few things more damaging to teak than traditionally accepted practices of caring for wood furniture.

      •  Don’t sand teak. Sanding teak wood removes the slip-resistant surface and allows the natural oils to escape, which shortens the longevity of the wood.
      • Don’t rub teak with furniture oils. Oil shorten the life of the wood by breaking down the natural rubber compounds in the wood that create the anti-fungal, anti-mildew, and anti-microbial properties of the teak. Most commonly used rubbing oils also contain petrochemicals, which outgas, causing smelly indoor air quality issues. Petrochemical products can also cause health problems.
      • Don’t stain, varnish or paint teak. Staining, varnishing or painting teak also breaks down the anti-fungal, anti-mildew and anti-microbial properties of the wood.
      • Don’t wash teak with harsh detergents or cleaners. Detergents and cleaners also strip the natural oils and break down the anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties of the teak.

      As you may have recognized by now, there are many more “don’ts” than “do’s” when it comes to teak furniture! To have your teak shower chair give you the best longest service, it is important to take good environmentally friendly care of the wood by exercising benign neglect!

      Please enjoy using your environmentally friendly teak shower chairs!

    • Welcome to Teak Shower Chairs Blog!

      We hope you'll enjoy exploring the benefits of using teak for all of your shower chair needs with us!

      We're going to look at everything to with teak on this blog, from where teak prefers to grow, to the many versatile uses teak has to offer.

      Meanwhile, please feel free to read what we have to say about our products at TeakShowerChairs.com. If you have any questions, please also feel free to ask them here.


      --The Management--

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