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  1. Spa Teak Shower Bench on sale

    I haven't done a general sale in a while, so I thought I would do one this weekend! All teak shower chairs are on sale, starting today and going through Monday, May 14, 2012, at 11:59 p.m.

    This sale is to celebrate my son's graduation from high school, and all of the other graduating seniors around the country.

    Congratulations, y'all!

  2. Marked down to $209.95 from $249.95, this beautiful Asian-style Teak Shower Stool is on sale from 4/17/2012 through 4/19/2012.

    This lovely teak shower stool has the uncluttered lines so prized in Japanese-influenced furniture, and would be a great addition to just about any room in the home or for use outdoors in the garden, by the pool, or on the patio or deck.

    Get yours now from Teak Shower Chairs.com before the sale ends!
  3. Corner Teak Shower Bench with shelf on sale for 179.95 3/31/2012 Since it's the last day of March, and it's such a beautiful day, we thought we'd put two of our fine teak shower chairs up for sale instead of just one!

    First on our list is this fine Corner Teak Shower Bench (with shelf). Regularly priced at 224.95, it is currently marked down to $179.95!

    What a great deal!

    Asian-style Teak Shower Stool on sale for $199.95 3/31/2012Our classic Asian-style Teak Shower Stool is also on sale today! Regularly priced at $235.95, it is now marked down to $199.95.

    As I've mentioned in my last blog post, the regular prices will all be going up, come the middle of next week. I don't want to change how much I charge for my products, but the uncertainties of shipping with the gas prices going up are creating this need. 

    Buy one of these lovely teak shower benches or stools today and take advantage of the sale prices before they go away!

  4. Grate Teak Shower Bench with Shelf: Luck of the Irish Sale Price $199.95Captain's Level Shamrock Gift Certificate: $235.95 worth for $199.95Announcing the Luck of the Irish Teak Shower Chairs Sale! Every day for the next few days leading up to St. Patrick's Day, Teak Shower Chairs will be putting one of our teak shower stools or benches on sale! Gift Certificates will also be on sale.

    Today's sale items are: Marked down from $235.95 to $199.95, our Grate Teak Shower Bench with shelf is an incredibly good deal! Crafted from beautiful plantation teak wood from Jepara, Indonesia, this shower bench will give you durable service wherever you should choose to use it in or around your home.

    Our Captain's Level Shamrock Gift Certificate is also marked down from $235.95 to 199.95, and can be used to buy any one of three Teak shower benches or stools:
    Here's to hoping your day is perfect!

  5. Asian Style Teak Shower Stool On Sale
    Our Asian-style Teak Shower Stool is on sale from now until 3/11/2012.

    With its classic lines, this beautiful shower stool is reminiscent of the clean lines of a beautiful Japanese bench. This versatile stool would look very lovely in a garden this spring, if you couldn't bring yourself to use in the shower or bath.

    Check it out today!
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